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Diversworld 13cf Hookah Set

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The Diversworld 13cf Hookah set is a surface air supply system allows for unlimited air and no tank fills.
This set is mainly in use with our commercial divers who work in very remote locations with limited supplies.
The Diversworld 13cf Hookah set is a low-pressure compressor is often the air supply of choice for surface-supplied diving. This is because of the amount of air it can supply. Of course provided the delivery volume and pressure are adequate for the application.
A low-pressure compressor can run for tens of hours. Needing only refuelling, periodical filter drainage and occasional running checks. It is thus more convenient than high-pressure storage cylinders for primary air supply.
It is however, critical to diver safety that the compressor is suitable for breathing air delivery, uses a suitable oil, filtered, and takes in clean and uncontaminated air. Positioning of the intake opening is important, and adaptions may be necessary if the relative wind direction changes. This ensures that no engine exhaust gas enters the intake. Various national standards for breathing air quality may apply.
Power for portable compressors is usually a 4-stroke petrol engine. Larger, trailer mounted compressors, may be diesel powered.
The compressor should provide an accumulator and a relief valve. The accumulator functions as an extra water trap. Its main purpose though is to provide a reserve volume of pressurised air. The relief valve allows the release of any excess air back to the atmosphere. At the same time, it is retaining the appropriate supply pressure in the accumulator.


Available Sizes | Pricing:

  • 13cf | $ 9300.00
  • 18cf | $ 9500.00

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13cf, 18cf


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