DiveR is an Australian based company producing top of the line fins for freediving and spearfishing. All fins are made by company founder Ray Powell at his workshop in Queensland, Australia.

A custom epoxy resin system and aerospace grade fabric produce a fin that transfers load progressively from the heel to the toe: more power with less effort. Fin designs are applied during production as a part of the resin, not as a stick on decal. Your choice of art means that while you’re hitting new depths, you’re also turning heads.

Available materials are Composite, Carbon fibre and Innegra:

Composite blades are slightly heavier and less resilient than carbon blades, but what they lack in weight and flexibility they make up for in extreme endurance and durability.

Carbon fibre blades are extremely light weight whilst enhancing diving propulsion and performance, propelling divers at superior speed and velocity.

Innegra the latest in technology from the leaders in spread tow fibre development, Innegra fibre allows the fin to deform far past normal carbon and composite fins. This high tech fibre is hydrophobic and designed to absorb impact, but unlike kevlar does not degrade over time and is simply the best fin ever produced by DiveR.

Each pair of fins comes with a three year warranty.