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Floats – how to choose your perfect float for spearfishing

There are many purposes for a spearfishing float. First of all, they will help being visible to your buddies and boats in the water. Floats also ensure you don’t lose your gun and help secure your catch.

If you attach your speargun to a floatline that is connected to a float you can simply let go of the gun after shooting a big fish, and the float will do all the fighting for you.

Hard floats are durable – great for shore diving and being pulled through the surf.

Inflatable floats can be folded away easily, are inflatable by mouth and are great for traveling.

Blue water floats are best inflated with a compressor or scuba tank to have the most pressure in them. This float won’t collapse as fast when being dragged under water by a larger fish such as tuna or billfish.

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