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Atomic Scuba Package

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Free Oceanpro Cargo Mesh Duffel Bag (RRP $65) included.

Original price was: $6,511.00.Current price is: $5,999.00.

: $7,459.00

SKU: Atomicpack-01062023 Categories: , , ,


The Atomic Scuba Package includes a FREE Dive gear bag valued at $65 and the following items:

  • BC2 BCD
  • T3 Regulator
  • SS1 Occy
  • Oceanpro SPG with Hose



The Atomic BC2 is the pinnacle of back inflation buoyancy compensators. Crafted from exclusive, waterproof fabric in order to resist damage and efficiently shed water.

Equipped with the ratcheting Cam-Lok tank band, adjusting and ensuring compatibility with various tank sizes is a breeze. Additionally, the patented EZ-Lok Weight Release System allows for effortless addition and removal of weights.

Experience unparalleled comfort thanks to the quilted backpad and adjustable lumbar pad, providing a personalised fit. Moreover, the titanium-coated stainless steel D-rings not only offer convenience but also guarantee corrosion resistance. Furthermore, the low-profile trim weight pockets are strategically positioned to optimise diver profile underwater.

Say goodbye to debris interference with the sand-resistant pocket zippers, since they ensure hassle-free operation. Enjoy precise control and effortless operation due to the “Dry Glide” exhaust pull dumps and low-friction knobs.

The BC2 seamlessly pairs with the Atomic SS1 to deliver an enhanced performance. Because it is built with durable materials, including double-laminated polyurethane-coated fabric, the BC2 promises exceptional longevity and protection.

  • Revolutionary back inflation BC
  • Laminated & coated waterproof fabric
  • Ratcheting Cam-Lok tank band
  • Patented EZ-Lok Weight Release System
  • Quilted backpad & adjustable lumbar pad
  • Sand-resistant pocket zippers
  • Titanium-coated stainless steel D-rings
  • Low-profile trim weight pockets
  • Non-skid tank pad with CNC-machined hardware
  • “Dry Glide” exhaust pull dumps & knobs
  • High-performance inflation options available
  • Exclusive Atomic Aquatics BC series materials
  • Sleek design with concealed carrying handle
  • Comfort, durability, and high-performance


MSRP: $3285
PP:    $2449


T3 Regulator

The T3 sets a new standard in regulator technology; it combines reliability, performance, and the finest materials.

Crafted from lightweight, corrosion-resistant Titanium, the T3 is thus ideal for remote and exotic locations. Because it is precision-engineered from solid Titanium billet, its components offer exceptional durability.

  • Signature regulator with unmatched reliability and performance
  • Made from lightweight and corrosion-resistant Titanium
  • Precision-machined from solid Titanium billet for exceptional durability
  • Machining operations performed in a single continuous milling session for precision
  • Exclusive Atomic Comfort Swivel which allows 30° rotational movement without hose binding
  • All-Titanium Comfort Swivel with black PVD coating so to offer superior corrosion resistance.
  • Patented Atomic AFC eliminates the need for manual venturi adjustment
  • Computer-designed airfoil and pressure-sensing diaphragm for effortless breathing at any depth
  • Rapid adjustment knob for special situations
  • Exceptional comfort and natural feeling breathing experience


MSRP: $3279
PP:     $ 2799


SS1 Occy

The Atomic SS1 is a brilliantly designed integrated safe second stage and inflator, thus offering a fantastic breathing experience in the event of a share air situation. It frees up your equipment and reduces clutter while providing exceptional performance.

Featuring Atomic’s unique “seat-saving orifice” design, the SS1 allows the seat to pull away from the sealing knife edge when not in use, significantly reducing wear and increasing longevity. Lastly, its practical mounting system is compatible with most standard inflation BCDs on the market, and easy to install and use.

  • Brilliantly designed integrated safe second stage and inflator
  • Superior breathing performance in share air situations
  • “Seat-saving orifice” design for extended regulator performance
  • Practical mounting system compatible with most standard inflation BCDs
  • Easy installation and use
  • Upgrade your factory inflator to a high-quality Atomic unit
  • Corrosion-resistant materials for durability and longevity
  • Quick disconnect for easy removal and storage
  • Pneumatic and oral inflation for convenient buoyancy control
  • Low-profile elliptical design for reduced bulk and drag


MSRP: $686
PP:    $599


Oceanpro SPG with Hose

Compact precision. One of the most dependable instruments around for scuba divers.

  • Easy to read measurements in BAR
  • Low profile boot for protection
  • Includes high pressure hose


MSRP: $209
PP $179

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