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Constrictor Knot Cord

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Constrictor Knot Cord

Our Constrictor Knot Cord has an aggressive braid that grips itself and never slips. It is the best material we have found for tying bands. With the thousands of bands that we tie regularly this knot has never slipped or failed us. Therefore we have found this to be the perfect cord for tying speargun bands.

This line is the perfect addition to your dive gear to keep in your bag or rigging kit. If you are traveling this is an essential piece of gear to keep your dive trip alive. Keep a few packs of this line in any bag in combination with some power band material, wishbones, and an insertion tool.

These items will allow you to tie your own bands no mater where you are. Make sure you are ready for anything that can happen on your dive trip with this inexpensive piece of essential dive gear.

Price is per meter.

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