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Diversworld Dorado Carbon Roller

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With no need for balancing this gun still floats with a reel on it, once the spear has left the gun. The Diversworld Dorado comes with a full stainless mechanism and moulded handle that has been built by very experienced free-divers.




Diversworld Dorado Carbon Roller

The latest addition to any spearo’s arsenal should be the Diversworld Dorado Carbon Roller. We build our rollers for you with precision and experience to help you reach your hunting goals.

With no need for balancing.  The speargun does still float with a reel on it, even once you’ve deployed the spear. The Diversworld Dorado comes with a complete stainless mechanism and moulded handle.

With this speargun, you get a ceramic roller head, on your quality carbon barrel.  This will give you optimum power and accuracy, we all want that!  This is combined with our own primeline 16mm rubbers in the flow Green colour.

The rubbers come full pretension for maximum power with reduced recoil. We have rigged these guns with 7mm hardened spring steel shafts resulting in a smooth and high-speed shot through the water.  Additionally, we have also rigged these guns with rear anchor points to make it easy to take pre-tension off the bands.

Diversworld Dorado Carbon Roller comes in a range of sizes from 80cm up to 120cm to suit most hunters. We can customise the size to suit anybody.  You can just simply give us a call at the shop and talk to one of the boys. In addition, all our Diversworld built spearguns come with a full lifetime warranty.



  • Pure carbon barrel
  • Stainless steel mechanism
  • Ceramic bearing roller head
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 7mm spring steel shaft
  • 16mm primeline full pre tension rubbers
  • Load assist with sizes 100 and bigger


Available Lengths:

800 (80cm)

900 (90cm)

1000 (100cm)

1100 (110cm)

1200 (120cm)


Slippery Gypsea Productions on the Diversworld Dorado Carbon Roller

I had a crack at a vegan approach to hunting Reds the other day but it was just as useless as telling people to stop eating meat... Luckily, I just so happened to be doing a bit of product testing for DiversWorld Spearfishing and i must say, I am impressed with their prototype roller. Its quite a lethal little weapon.

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1000, 1100, 1200, 800, 900


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