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Diversworld Junior Spearfishing Competition

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Join the excitement of spearfishing with our ongoing Diversworld Junior Spearfishing Competition, tailored for young spearfishing enthusiasts in Cairns and surrounding areas. Designed to motivate kids to explore the world of spearfishing, our competition offers a fun and educational experience for budding spearos.

Age Groups:

  • Mini Spearos (Under 13 at time of registration)
  • Teen Spearos (13-16 at time of registration)


What You Get When You Join:

  • 1 Brag Mat
  • 1 T-Shirt
  • 1 Sticker
  • 1 Spearo Entry Card


Shirt Sizes / Age:

  • 10 / up to 10 years
  • 12 / 11-12 years
  • XS / 13-14 years
  • S / 14-15 years
  • M / 15-16 years


Ongoing Prizes:

Participate in our monthly draw by submitting at least one photo each month for a chance to win exciting prizes.
Additionally, major prizes await winners in each age group at the end of the competition in December, based on points ranking.
See below for details.


Halfway Event:

Join us for a Sharp Shooter Pool Training Day in July, designed for both adults and juniors.
All contestants and one accompanying person enjoy free entry.
Stay tuned for event details!



Spangled Emperor  –  Long Nose Emperor  –  Japanese Sea Bream  –   Sail Fin Snapper  –   Barramundi  –   Yellow Lip Emperor  –   Buffalo Emperor

Stripy  –  Moses Perch  –  Reef Jack  –  Green Jobfish  –  Black & White Snapper  –  Iron Jaw  –  Fingermark Snapper

Mackerel (all species)  –  Trevally (all species)  –  Mahi Mahi  –  Wahoo

Bar Cheek Trout  –  Common Trout  –  Parrot Fish  –  Crayfish (all species)  –  Blackspot Tuskfish  –  Purple Cod  –  Red Emperor



Please be sure to follow all QLD recreational fishing rules. You can find them here.
Earn 1 point per centimetre per species. See species list above.
If you catch a larger fish of the same species later, the additional centimetres will be added to your original score.

To earn points, simply email info (at) diversworld.com.au with

  • a photo of yourself holding your fish and your entry card
  • a photo of your fish and your entry card on your Diversworld brag mat

By participating in the Diversworld Junior Spearfishing Competition, you consent to the use of your photos on our social media channels.

If you wish to be tagged, please include your @username in the email along with the required photos: one of yourself holding the fish and your entry card, and another of your fish and entry card on the Diversworld brag mat. If you do not wish to be featured, please let us know in your email.


Competition Dates:

The competition runs until 15 December 2024, with the winners’ presentation scheduled for 22 December 2024 at the Diversworld Store.



Registration fee: $25


Ready to get scoring?

Book your ticket online today and embark on your junior spearfishing competition adventure!

Additional information

Age Group

Mini Spearo (Under 13 years), Teen Spearo (13-16 years)

T-Shirt Size

10, 12, XS, S, M

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