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Hollis Scuba Package

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Free Oceanpro Cargo Mesh Duffel Bag (RRP $65) included.

Original price was: $3,081.00.Current price is: $2,699.00.

: $3,136.00

SKU: hollispack-01062023 Categories: , , , ,


The Hollis Scuba Package includes a FREE Dive gear bag valued at $65 and the following items:

  • HD 200 BCD
  • 200 LX DCX Regulator
  • 150 LX Occy
  • Low profile SPG with hose


HD 200 BCD

The Hollis HD 200 BCD is fitted with a combination of technical and recreational features and updates for 2014 that provide ultimate comfort and function.  The heavy duty construction and innovative design make this BCD the best in class.  It is built to suit recreational diving and then kit up for more technical dives. Built in features allow for technical additions yet still remaining streamlined.

The Hollis HD200 BCD is tough, having the ability to kit up with a number of extras to it in an easy way.  Its pockets are large enough to fit torches and small slates, but small enough that they do not feel too big around your waist.

  • 35 lbs bladder in Small and Medium sizes
  • 45 lbs bladder in Large and XL sizes
  • Outer shell 1000 denier CorduraTM with lamination
  • 15mm urethane internal bladder.
  • Contoured, lightweight backpack with back pad, lumbar support, and a rolled neoprene comfort neck to help you stay in the water longer.
  • 10 lbs (4.5 kg) interchangeable quick release weight pockets with a new pinch and pull buckle.
  • 5 lbs (2.27 kg) non-dumpable rear weight pockets.
  • The complete system weight is 9.4 lbs (4.3 kg).
  • A traditional 2″ waist strap with stainless steel buckle.
  • 2″ Nylon Crotch strap with an easy quick release buckle and 2″ SS D-ring.
  • New comfort folded back pad.
  • New 10 lbs pinch and pull weight pockets.
  • Oval corrugated hose.
  • 2 shoulder stainless steel bent D-rings, 2 lower hip D-rings, and 4 rear stainless steel D-rings
  • Adjustable sternum strap with chest mounting locations.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps w/quick release buckles.
  • Large zippered pockets on both sides.
  • Knife mounting grommets on both side pockets.
  • Right shoulder pull dump.
  • Lower left pull dump.
  • Adjustable Velcro cummerbund (removable).

MSRP: $1249
PP:    $1079


200 LX DCX Regulator

The Hollis 200 LX DCX Regulator is your high performance reg for what ever type of diving you choose.  Technical divers, recreational scuba divers who want the best choose Hollis’ flagship regulator.  Also, every detail of this product has Hollis’ 40 years of experience in building life support systems.

The DCX 1st stage is a sealed, 5-port swivel turret. It has the same PVD coating as the metal parts on the 200LX. The 5-port design and swivel turret also make the DCX perfect for any type of diving you choose: be it diving single cylinders, twin-sets and side-mounted stages. You have much more control over where your hoses route out of the first stage.

You can convert the 200 LX from a right-handed to left-handed hose setup in a manner of minutes.  Do it easily without special tools.

In addition, the valve and all metal components of the 200 LX are “PVD” plated marine brass.  Due to this feature, your 200LX will outperform and outlast any traditionally finished regulator. ‘PVD’ or Physical Vapour Deposition is a time tested technology that other industries use as well.

This means that when your regulator is built, thin layers of material are slowly deposited onto its surface.  Thus offering you a regulator of greater strength and durability. You will also find that it gives you smooth and easy breathing.

  • Adjust your airflow coming into the 2nd stage with your diver adjustable knob whenever it suits you.
  • Adjustable Dive/Pre-Dive switch.  Large Venturi lever with soft rubber grip, thus making it really easy to locate and use.
  • Large front cover with honeycomb mesh for easy functioning. Underneath the mesh is a protective shell that covers the diaphragm so strong current won’t open the valve.
  •  Fitted with an ergonomic exhaust that channels bubbles away from your field of vision.
  • MiFlex® braided hose and orthodontic mouthpiece with dual colour tabs to increase comfort.
  • Lifetime Warranty as long as the 2-year service interval (with annual visual inspection) conditions observed, and Free Parts for Life.
  • Sealed DCX 1st stage with two HP ports and 5 LP ports (situated in a swivel turret) for optimum hose routing.
  • 1st stage and internal air delivery components of the 2nd stage are “PVD” industrial plated, outperforming and outlasting traditional regulator finishes.
  • Pneumatically balanced PVD plated brass valve results in smooth, easy breathing
  • Reversible demand valve, convert from right-handed hose configuration to left-handed hose configuration
  • Diver adjustable inhalation knob, allows diver to customise inhalation effort
  • Adjustable Dive/Pre-Dive switch: Large Venturi lever has a soft rubber grip, which makes it easy to locate and use
  • Ergonomic exhaust channels bubbles away from field of view and reduces exhaust effort
  • Improved orthodontic mouthpiece with dual color tabs
  • PVD plated stainless steel metal ring, adjustable knob and Dive/Pre-Dive end cap
  • DIN 1st stage

MSRP: $1149
PP:     $ 999


150LX Occy

An additional regulator recently added to the Hollis Regulator line is the 150LX. Similar in design to the 200LX but without the PVD Plating, the 150LX delivers great performance at a moderate price. A great travel-the-world design or ideal for those divers looking for a regulator to provide performance during long deco stops.

The second stage front metal ring, packing nut & end cap are all made of 316 Stainless Steel. All LX regulators come standard with MiFlex® hoses and orthodontic mouthpieces with dual colour tabs. Lastly, the LX regulators come standard with Hollis’s Lifetime Warranty, 1-Year Service Interval and Free Parts for Life.

  • Pneumatically balanced chrome-plated brass valve results in smooth, easy breathing.
  • Reversible demand valve, can be converted from right-handed hose configuration to left handed hose configuration.
  • Adjustable Dive/Pre-Dive switch: Large Venturi lever has a soft rubber grip, which makes it easy to locate and use.
  • Ergonomic exhaust channels bubbles away from field of view and reduces exhaust effort.
  • Improved orthodontic mouthpiece with dual colour tabs.
  • Stainless steel cosmetic ring.
  • MiFlex® braided hose.
  • Suitable for coldwater diving.
  • Can be paired with the Hollis DC2, DC7, DCX or HO2 1st stage
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Parts for Life (when serviced according to manufacturer guidelines)
  • 1-Year Service Interval with Inspection

MSRP: $519
PP:    $429


Low Profile SPG with hose

The new Hollis Low Profile Brass SPG Pressure Gauge is super easy to read and extremely durable, to last you for your entire scuba diving career. It has a wear resistant PVC coating over the brass material which help preventing corrosion from salt water immensely.

This gauge comes with a scratch-resistant lens to keep the display clear. It also features a high-contrast background with a luminescent needle, perfect for night dives and other less-than-perfect light conditions.

The all-around practical design is also low-weight and small in size. This makes it an ideal component for stage and deco bottle setups.


  • High-contrast black background and white markings
  • Luminescent needle for easy reading
  • Standard with Air Spool and Viton O-rings
  • Oxygen clean
  • Available with a display of 0 to 400 BAR
  • Super hard PVC coated brass housing with Bourdon tube
  • Scratch-resistant plastic lens
  • 1.5” (38.1 mm)

PP:  $219


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