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Ocean Hunter Ambush Foot Pockets Pair

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The Ocean Hunter Ambush Foot Pockets Pair holds your blades at a 20 degrees angle ensuring the perfect power stroke. Super Comfortable!

One pair of Ocean Hunter Ambush foot pockets.

Sizing Chart for Ocean Hunter Ambush Foot Pockets




The Ocean Hunter Ambush Foot Pockets Pair lets you glide through the water with power and ease!

Firstly, they hold your blades at a 20 degrees angle, ensuring the perfect power stroke. Secondly, these are manufactured with the latest rubber compression moulding technologies.

These foot pockets are using harder rubber in critical areas. This ensures maximum power transmission from your legs to the blades. At the same time, they are also soft enough and in an ergonomic shape, thus providing comfort for your feet, no matter how many hours you want to stay in the water.

The foot pockets are single moulds. This increases quality while eliminating any issues with bonds between different materials or parts. The rubber rails along the blades provide protection as well as hydrodynamic stability while kicking.

Finally, these foot pockets also have an anti-slip pattern on their heels, preventing accidents while standing on slippery rocks.

They are setting a new standard in terms of performance and quality.


  • High-quality design for spearfishing and freediving
  • It fits the Ocean Hunter fin blades as well as other popular brands
  • 20-degree blade angle for ultimate power strokes
  • An exclusive fixing system of the foot pockets ensures perfect energy transmission with efficient and fluid movements.
  • Hydrodynamic design for smooth kicks with water to flow directly over the blades
  • Rubber rails along with the blades for hydrodynamic stability and blade protection
  • Partially harder rubber for maximum power transmission from leg to blade
  • Soft EPDM rubber foot pockets for increased comfort
  • Anti-slip pattern on the foot pockets’ heels


 Ocean Hunter Ambush Foot Pockets Size Chart:

Ocean Hunter Size Chart

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10-11, 12-13, 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9


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