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Ocean Hunter Seeker Torch

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The Ocean Hunter Seeker Torch is a fantastic torch for your dive bag.


: $159.00

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The Ocean Hunter Seeker Torch is a fantastic torch for your dive bag. With a simple switch mode to operate it and a USB rechargeable battery, this is one of the best cray torches on the market, in its price range.

With a burn time of 2.5 hours, an output of 650 lumens of light, and a 16 degree beam angle, you can use the torch to capture some underwater images when you need just that bit of extra light to bring out the colours in the fish or coral. It can also be very handy when searching crevices when crayfishing as well.

The Ocean Hunter torch can be taken down to a depth of 60m below the water’s surface where you need light the most, and as it measures only 13.5cm long, it can easily be slipped into your BCD pocket when not in use.

The pack includes a USB charger, Li-ion rechargable battery and lanyard. The torch has also has a double O-ring seal to prevent any water from getting inside and ruining your dive.


Ocean Hunter Seeker Torch Features:

  • Anodised aluminium construction
  • Single mode operation
  • 2.5 hours burn time
  • 650 Lumens of light
  • Direct USB “C” rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Double O-Ring seal for flood free operation
  • Includes charge cable and rechargable battery
  • Includes heavy duty lanyard for easy attachment




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