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Ocean Hunter SGS Speargun

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The Ocean Hunter SGS Speargun: built for new divers of all ages, offers value for money. Has a comfortable handle for hip or chest loading easy to use



The Ocean Hunter SGS speargun is a fantastic entry level speargun.  Great for the people who are new and want to give it a go.  Ocean Hunter wanted to offer new divers of all ages a value for money speargun. One that also was reliable, and they could learn on without breaking the bank.

It features an easy to use active line release system.  This keeps the line neat and out of the way while hunting. Its easy to aim bulk rubber closed muzzle makes reloading a breeze and fits industry-standard looped bands.

We chose a 6mm shaft because it is low maintenance, lightweight and very fast. Ideal on smaller species we tend to hunt as beginners. Additionally, the stainless steel remains rust-free for years and does not require as much maintenance as the spring carbon steel shafts used in more advanced spearguns.

The threaded, removable 6mm Mako head was a simple choice. The reality is that on occasion and especially as we are learning how to spear, we will miss now and then. The ability to remove the head if damaged and replace it for a minimal cost helps to keep the cost of spearfishing and maintenance down. It’s much cheaper to replace the tip rather than replacing the entire shaft.

Its 6mm thread allows the attachment of a cluster or “pranger” style head which is ideal when hunting fish such a flathead, flounder, whiting, drum or bream. These heads have been around for years and have proven very effective at getting a good catch of fish on the dinner table.



  • Comfortable rear handle design with hip or chest loading options
  • Easy to use active line release system
  • Robust aircraft grade alloy barrel
  • Easy to aim bulk rubber closed muzzle
  • Easy to load yet fast 16mm power band with safe dyneema bridle
  • Fast and low maintenance 6mm stainless steel shaft
  • Threaded 6mm Mako head
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Lengths – GTIN:

600  9330181010040

800  9330181010057

1000  9330181010064

1200  9330181010071


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1000, 1200, 600, 800

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