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Ocean Hunter Speed Bridle Bead

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Set of two

The Ocean Hunter Speed Bridle Bead is a special gun rubber insert to quickly replace your bridle cord externally of the rubber.


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5 in stock

SKU: ohzsbb Categories: , , Tag:


Enjoy hassle-free maintenance during your spearfishing sessions with the Ocean Hunter Speed Bridle Bead. This special gun rubber insert facilitates quick replacement of your bridle cord, even during a dive. Particularly useful for micro bore rubbers, the hard plastic bead ensures smooth and efficient bridle insertion.



  • Enables fast replacement of the cord bridle line
  • Ideal for micro bore rubber
  • Comes in a set of two


Keep your gear in top condition with the Ocean Hunter Speed Bridle Bead, ensuring you can swiftly replace your cord for uninterrupted dives.

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