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Oceanic Biolite Scuba Package

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Free Oceanpro Cargo Mesh Duffel Bag (RRP $65) included.

Original price was: $2,101.00.Current price is: $1,799.00.

: $2,056.99

SKU: Biolitepack-01062023 Categories: , , , ,


The Oceanic Biolite Scuba Package includes a FREE Dive gear bag valued at $65 and the following items:

  • Oceanic Biolite BCD
  • Oceanic Alpha 10 CDX Regulator
  • Oceanpro OP20 Occy
  • Oceanpro SPG with Hose


Oceanic Biolite BCD

Weighing only 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg), this is the ultimate travel BCD. It has the perfect balance of features and benefits that makes scuba diving a pure joy. The Biolite keeps things simple with clean, straightforward design that focuses on comfort and convenience. If your travel plans call for lightweight luggage, then the Biolite is definitely for you.

  • Total BC weight is only 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)
  • Includes right shoulder carabiner adjustable positioning system
  • Streamlined, Integrated Weight System accommodates up to 14 lbs (6.3 kg)
  • Includes dual 7 lbs (3 kg) front weight pocket “Quick Drop” weight release system
  • Dual 5 lbs (2.25 kg) tank band “Non Drop Weight Pocket”
  • Low profile back pack, so easy to fold in half for traveling purposes
  • Low profile bladder design and made with Patented Bioflex material
  • Self Adjusting sternum strap
  • Generous soft pad


MSRP: $799
PP: $719


Oceanic Alpha 10 CDX Regulator

The Oceanic Alpha 10 CDX Regulator is simple, dependable, lightweight and economical. What else would you expect from a design as refined and perfected as this? You will find that the CDX offers you effortless breathing in a compact design.

Additionally, it is extremely tough and is also easy for you to maintain and service.  The CDX brings an ‘all-new’ level of performance to the original entry-level workhorse Alpha 10.

  • A pneumatically balanced demand Valve
  • An orthodontic mouthpiece with bite tabs.
  • Nitrox Compatibility Standard to 40%
  • CDX & (1ST STAGE) Yoke
  • Angled Ports For ideal hose routing
  • Pressure Ports LP (4), HP (2)
  • Work of Breathing 1.23 Joules
  • Swivel Adapter Optional
  • Primary construction material is machined, triple chrome marine brass
  • Dimensions (Front Profile) 2.66 inch diameter (circular)
  • Required Service Interval is 2 Years to maintain warranty
  • Satisfaction Guarantee 30 days
  • Warranty (Lifetime)
  • Yoke


MSRP: $859.99
PP: $799


Oceanpro OP20 Occy

The Oceanpro OP20 Occy takes an extremely robust, reliable and lightweight design and packs it into the form of the industries new go to Octopus.

  • Light and strategically engineered to perform with smooth easy breathing
  • Bright yellow cover ring
  • Built in highlights
  • ABS Poly Carbonate
  • Strategically engineered shaping of the purge and off-set vents
  • Pre-positioned front cover ring holes.
  • 85 cm / 36″ MaxFlex braided hose in black.
  • Nitrox compatible to 40%


MSRP: $189
PP: $159


Oceanpro SPG with Hose

Compact precision. One of the most dependable instruments around for scuba divers.

  • Easy to read measurements in BAR
  • Low profile boot for protection
  • Includes High pressure hose


MSRP: $209
PP: $179

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