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Oceanic Single Fin Strap

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Single strap, fits most open heel fins on the market


: $10.00


The Oceanic Single Fin Strap is a simple yet crucial spare for your dive adventures. In sleek black, this rubber strap is designed as a generic replacement for open heel fins.

  • Universal Fit: This strap is a versatile replacement, fitting most open heel fins available in the market. It’s a handy solution for various fin models.
  • Dive-Ready Spare: Keep it in your gear bag as a backup. Don’t let a broken strap ruin your dive plans—be prepared with a spare in your gear bag.
  • Durable Design: Crafted from durable rubber, this strap ensures a secure fit and long-lasting performance. It’s your reliable companion for countless dives.

Say goodbye to worries about broken straps—equip yourself with the Oceanic Single Fin Strap, and dive into your next underwater adventure hassle-free.




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