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Pallion Point Wide Brim Mahi Mahi

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Pallion Point Wide Brim Mahi Mahi exclusive design leather chinstrap adjuster stitched eyelets for breathability also has a hidden adjustable tie


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These sage wide brim hats are made from a durable cotton with classic white stitching.  A nostalgic nod back to those childhood summers spent by the beach.

Whether you call it a Mahi Mahi, Dolphin Fish or Dorado (Coryphaena hippurus), you can’t go past this popular game fish for its striking shape and colours.

These hats a perfect for windy days, with adjustable broad brimmed lids and feature a classic fish outline on a vintage-inspired hat – a popular favourite for those who love long days in the sun.

Features of the Pallion Point Wide Brim Mahi Mahi

  • – Unisex cotton wide brim hat
  • – Stitched eyelets for breathability
  • – Hidden adjustable tie
  • – Pallion Point exclusive design
  • – Leather chinstrap adjuster

Fish lids are made of pre-washed soft cotton and are pretty resilient little noggin’ toppers. By following these simple care tips, your lids should survive your salty adventures for years to come.

  • Rinse your lids with fresh water after every ocean outing to keep them soft and avoid the clasp corroding. Hand-washing in cold water works best.
  • If they’re looking worse for wear (we’re talking sweat marks, dirt or salt stains) a gentle hand-wash with light detergent or mild soap should get them looking fresh again. Use cold water and avoid excess rubbing – gently does it.
  • Never put your fish lid in the dryer, or you’ll end up with a mini-me cap. Always air dry in the shade after washing.
  • In warm or tropical climates, keep your lid hung up or stored in a dry, shaded place. Keeping it in the sun (eg. on the dash of your car) can cause your lid to fade fast.

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