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Salvimar Fly Mask

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Salvimar’s Fly Mask  aims for a perfect harmony between mask volume and field of vision.

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Salvimar Fly Mask

The Italian designed Salvimar Fly Mask is the latest in the line of amazingly low volume, spearfishing and freediving masks from one of the hottest up and coming brands on the globe.

The unique construction integrates 3 materials together to form one single streamlined piece. Offering an incredible field of vision and an unmatched combination of streamlined angles in the design, the Fly Mask gives you superior comfort and simple pressure compensation, dive after dive.

Add this to the anti-reflective silicone inside and out, given you the best clarity of vision possible and the micro-adjust buckle system, you could not find a better piece of kit for yourself or your buddy.



  • Frameless design
  • Easy equalisation
  • Extreme low volume mask
  • One-piece technology 3 materials melted together
  • Lens shape designed for excellent field of vision
  • Anti-reflective silicone inside and outside
  • Super comfort silicone density
  • Colours: Matte Black


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