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Choosing the Right Float Lines and Bungees for Spearfishing

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Spearfishing requires careful consideration of gear to ensure a safe and successful diving experience. One essential part of your spearfishing gear is your float line and bungee.

In this guide, we will discuss the different types of float lines and bungees, and how to choose the right ones for your diving needs.

1. Types of Float Lines:

Braided Rope Float Lines

Braided rope float lines are a great entry-level material, with excellent grip and durability. 

Just keep in mind, braided float lines are slightly more tangly and less buoyant than other types of float lines. They are best used for dives less than 20m in depth.

Foam Filled Float Lines

Foam-filled float lines are similar to braided float lines in terms of grip and durability. However, they are more buoyant and float up quickly, which means less time on the bottom and getting tangled up.

This type of float line is an excellent choice for beginners who may need extra help staying afloat.

PVC Float Lines

PVC float lines are the most durable option available, but they should always be used with dyneema. This line is stiffer and less prone to tangling, which is important for any line longer than 20m.

Keep in mind that PVC float lines can wear through, and once there is a hole in them, they will sink.

2. Types of Bungees:

Float Line Bungees

Float line bungees are elastic and absorb shock, making them an ideal choice for spearfishing. They reduce the sudden jerks you feel when a wave hits your float or you have descended and are nearing the end of your float line.

They also reduce the pressure applied to a fish once shot, which is perfect for soft-fleshed fish such as mackerel and wahoo. Float line bungees are also a great way to extend the length of your float line if you find yourself maxing out your current setup.

Bluewater Bungees

Bluewater bungees are designed to be used when chasing large pelagic species such as tuna, marlin, and large wahoo. These bungees are stronger than float line bungees and can handle the extra weight and pressure of larger fish.

When selecting your float lines and bungees, it’s important to consider the type of fish you’re hunting and the depth of your dive. A good rule of thumb is to choose a float line that is at least twice the depth of your dive. For example, if you plan to dive to 30m, you should choose a float line that is at least 60m long.

In conclusion, choosing the right float line and bungee is crucial for a safe and successful spearfishing trip. Consider the type of fish you’re hunting, the depth of your dive, and your experience level when selecting your gear.

Remember, safety always comes first, so invest in high-quality gear and practice proper safety techniques while spearfishing.

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