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Rob Allen Float Bungee

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Rob Allen Float Bungee

A float line bungee is designed to be connected between the float line and the float.





Rob Allen Float Bungee

The Rob Allen Float Bungee is available in lengths of 1m, 2m, 3m, and 5m. The elongation is limited to 3 x the relaxed rubber length by the 270kg Dyneema security line linked to the end loops. When hunting big fish Bungees provide significant additional line when fully stretched, while simultaneously providing a strong yet gentle braking action. The TPE rubber in the Rob Allen Float Bungee is manufactured to specifications to ensure excellent UV and solvent resistance.


  • 1m Bungee (stretches to 3m)
  • 2m Bungee (stretches to 6m)
  • 3m bungee (stretches to 9m)
  • 5m bungee (stretches to 15m)

A floatline bungee is designed to be connected between the float line and the float. The reason for this is to provide that extra give when fighting a large fish. For example, after you have shot a large pelagic fish and you have let your gun go to get some air, the fish will take off sometimes at high speeds with bursts of power. When these bursts happen, rather than putting a strain on your float line and having the possibility of ripping the spear from the fish itself, the bungee will give that strong yet gentle braking action with the bungee bounce to ensure the fish does not rip its self from the spear

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1m, 2m, 3m, 5m


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