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How to Master the Duck Dive

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Have you figured out the most relaxed, streamlined, efficient way to get down there?

One of the first and most important things to look at is your duck dive technique. If done correctly, you’ll be able to use the momentum you’ve gained there to overcome positive buoyancy.

How to Master the Duck Dive like a Pro:

Lie flat in the water, facing down and breathing through your snorkel.

Take your big breath, equalise gently – this is super helpful if you struggle with equalisation as your ears will be ready for the change of pressure during the first few meters. Additionally, this should make the first equalisation under water easy.

Then, reach one or both arms forward and kick with your fins a couple of times to gain momentum.

Next, bend at the waist by 90 degrees, pointing your arm(s) directly towards depth.

Make sure to keep your head tucked while doing so – aka do not look towards the bottom. Having your head in neutral is more comfortable, makes equalising easier and keeps your body streamlined.

Now lift one or both legs up into the air to help you submerge while performing one breast stroke.

Finish the breast stroke movement by reaching to your nose to equalise with one hand, and leaving it there so you can equalise with every couple of fin kicks. If you’re not holding a speargun, relax the other arm along side your body.

Only start kicking your fins once they are underwater. As long as they are still up in the air, you’ll only create a splash and waste your energy.

So this is how you master the duck dive. To practise your descent, imagine a line dropping straight down – or even better, use a line to practise with.

Mirror the line during your dive, whether it’s the real one while freediving or an imaginary one.

Have a play with how your body moves underwater.

To truly perfect your technique + streamlining, join one of our two day freediving courses here in Cairns.

For more info and to book, click here.

Cover Image Credit @pranamaya_freediving with 🧜‍♀️ @saya.lokahi // IG

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