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3 Tips How To Best Care For Your Wetsuit

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3 Tips How To Best Care For Your Wetsuit

Once you’ve made the investment and got yourself a wetsuit, you’ll want to make sure it lasts as long as possible – follow these tips to extend your wetsuit’s life to the max:

1. Wash your wetsuit:

After any dive session, soak your wetty in cold or lukewarm water for half an hour. Turn it inside out and soak it for another half hour. Add either wetsuit shampoo or a bit of baking soda to prevent the neoprene from taking on any odours.
Using a toothbrush, scrub any zippers and velcro patches during the soak. Also work the zipper up and down to remove any dirt.
After soaking, rinse the wetsuit well before hanging it up for drying.

2. Wetsuit storage:

Hang your wetsuit out of direct sunlight. One dry on the outside, turn it inside out and repeat.
Store the wetsuit on the hanger or loosely folded in a dry place where the temperature is consistent and fairly cool (so not the boot of your car…).

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