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Adrenalin full Lycra Suit no hood

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UV 50 rated


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Adrenalin full Lycra Suit no hood

The range of Adrenalin full lycra suits no hood have been developed out of a market demand for protection against the abundance of nasties in tropical waters such as box jellyfish, irukandji and other deadly stingers.

These stinger suits greatly reduce the ability for stingers to latch onto the skin and prevent painful injuries from occurring.

The full length lightweight lycra suits also offer excellent protection from the harsh summer sun, and a non-corrosive YKK zip with front entry make this suit easy to slip on and off.

The Adrenalin full Lycra Suit no hood is made with 50 UV rated Lycra. Superior quality lycra with fade resistance, is the choice of charter operators



  • Full Length with Stirrups
  • Superior Quality Lycra
  • Lightweight
  • UV 50


Sizes (GTIN):

XS (9325132018268)

S (9325132018275)

M (9325132018282)

L (9325132018299)

XL (9325132018305)

XXL (9325132018312)

3XL (9325132018329)



What is the difference between stinger suits and Lycra suits?

Stinger suits tend to be slightly thicker than lycra. This provides more protection from jelly fish stings. Stinger suits are also full body suits which can include socks, mittens and hoods to provide the maximum protection.  Lycra suits are available in shorter versions and usually provide less coverage.


Are stinger suits better than sunscreen?

Stingers suits have a very tight weave fabric and are typically treated against UV light. This can provide a very effective way to protect your skin against intense sunlight.  Treated stinger suits are much more effective than sunscreens as they do not wear off during the day or have to be reapplied.

Also some people are allergic to sunscreens so stinger suits can provide a good alternative protection from the sun.  You can also get thinner, untreated stinger suit fabrics. These will keep the stingers away but still allow you to get a tan if you want.


Will a stinger or Lycra suit make me feel hot in warm conditions?

Stinger and Lycra suits are actually quite cooling. This is because as the wet material dries quickly, it takes heat away from your skin. This keeps you feeling nice and cool. Avoid wearing anything underneath as this layering affect can make you feel a lot warmer.  Wearing less underneath also increases the feeling of freedom and ease of movement.

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XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL


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