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Adrenalin Hard Ass 1mm Steamer

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Ideal for tropical waters to protect from UV, coral & stingers, or bulk up to increase warmth.
High-flex, quality neoprene construction with nylon skin flat stitch construction & YKK zip.


: $129.95

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Adrenalin Hard Ass 1mm Steamer

The Adrenalin Hard Ass 1mm Steamer introduces Hard Ass with all the benefits of our traditional 1mm steamer, but with the added durability panel right where it counts. It is an extremely durable wetsuit designed for surfing, diving, spearfishing, rock fishing, kayaking and canoeing, canyoning and the list goes on!  It’s not built to be super stretchy or warm, but for the money, you can’t fault it.

The Hardass 1mm Steamer is not the warmest or most stretchy suit, but it’s a no-fuss wetsuit that’ll insulate you well and won’t fall apart at the sight of rocks.  We recommend this suit for anyone surfing, swimming or diving in warmer conditions and want a wetsuit to last longer, thanks to the hard ass!



  • 1mm Neoprene: Lightweight and durable Neoprene suited for warmer climates and tropical diving.
  • Back Zip Entry: An extra-long zipper makes this suit incredibly easy to get on and off. Get the rundown on zips.
  • ‘Hardass’ Buttocks Panel: Reinforced HDPE Weave that’s built tough to stop tears and cuts, much like the knee panels of top-of-the-line wet suits.
  • Flatlock Stitched Seam: Flatlock is the most durable seam in the wetty world but contains pin-holes; this makes it sub-ideal for cold-water but in warmer climates, having a suit that ‘breathes’ could be a literal lifesaver.
  • YKK Zips: The only name in zips…
  • Knee Pads: Rubberised kneepads protect against tears and cuts, and the grippy finish is excellent for clambering onto boats, ever so majestically.

A few tips on looking after your Adrenalin Hard Ass 1mm Steamer:

Do not leave your wetsuit in the sun. Sun and heat are the neoprene’s worst enemy.
Dry your wetsuit in the shade if you can. UV rays cause the neoprene to age much quicker; it gets hard and loses its flexibility.
If you dry it in the sun, at least put it away as soon as it is dry.
Store your wetsuit on a flat surface or wide coat hanger. Why a wide hanger? A narrow one can make permanent indents into wetsuit shoulders.


Sizes (GTIN):

XS (9325132043727)

S (9325132043116)

M (9325132043123)

L (9325132043130)

XL (9325132043147)

XXL (9325132043154)

3XL (9325132043161)


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XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL


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