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Atomic Venom Frameless Mask Black

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Atomic Venom Frameless Mask Black

The Atomic Venom Frameless Mask in Black is incredibly comfortable due to its low volume, hydrodynamic construction and exclusive Atomic “Wicked” styling.

Two different softness silicone materials are co-molded together in order to form the mask skirt which is bonded directly to the glass, eliminating the need for a frame and providing maximum viewing area.

New special geometry of the face seal allows to take full advantage of the UltraSoft silicone material, thus providing an incredibly soft and accommodating face seal for all kinds of faces.

The silicone skirt is also soft but won’t collapse, distort, or fold under pressure or in turbulent conditions. It keeps the skirt centered on the face for a reliable seal.

This mask features a Schott Superwite™ UltraClear lens so to experience the clearest of dives. A treat for your eyes and face, it will change the way you think about dive masks.



  • Co-Molded Silicone
  • New Face Seal Geometry
  • Schott Superwite™ UltraClear lens
  • Incredibly soft yet reliable face seal
  • “Gummi Bear UltraSoft” (10 shore) silicone
  • Up to 96% of available light to reach the eyes
  • More rigid silicone skirt won’t collapse, distort or fold
  • Exclusive Atomic “Wicked” styling makes a striking design statement
  • 1 year warranty




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