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Barfell 32mm Rigid Intake Hose

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Barfell 32mm rigid intake hose





Barfell 32mm Rigid Intake Hose

The Barfell 32mm Rigid Intake Hose is a 32mm thickness which has excellent flexibility and is abrasion resistant which makes this Barfell 32mm rigid intake hose suitable for a lot of applications requiring a lighter hose with a performance to weight ratio.  Why use Barfell 32mm rigid intake hose?  Simple answer to prevent Carbon Monoxide poisoning.  Carbon monoxide (CO) gas is an odorless, colorless and tasteless gas and is found in the exhaust of petrol and diesel motors, such as those used with diving compressors for filling diving air tanks or for supplying divers air at depth through surface-supplied air systems Hookahs.

Recommendations Workplace Health & Safety Queensland

  1. Always ensure that the air intake of the compressor is fitted with an extension pipe or hose so that the inlet is located away from any source of contamination such as engine or motor exhaust. The compressor’s manufacturer should determine the length and cross sectional area of any hose or pipe.
  2. The compressor intake and hose or pipe should be positioned to take advantage of available ventilation and the ‘heavier than air’ qualities of CO. Where possible compressors and hoses should be located off decks and out of wells or holds. As a guide, when operated from an open dory, the inlet should be at least 1.5m above the exhaust outlet.
  3. An inspection should be made of the intake hose prior to use, and monitored during use, to identify any defects in hoses or couplings and eliminating kinks. Particular attention should be given to the wear and loosening effects caused by engine vibration.
  4. Make sure that the intake hose is routed, positioned and secured to ensure that there is no possibility of contact with hot, moving or vibrating parts. Where any section of the pipe or hose can be melted, crushed or otherwise damaged whilst in use, the section should be constructed of a suitable metal pipe or tube. This is to avoid damage that may allow fumes and combustion gases to enter the diver’s air intake.
  5. Ensure divers, standby persons and attendants are trained to recognise the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning and what actions to take should CO poisoning be suspected. Divers who surface for no apparent reason, bob up and down near the surface and bottom again, or show other erratic or unusual behaviour, may be confused.
  6. Standby persons or attendants should have current training in CPR. Oxygen resuscitation and therapy equipment, suitable for non-breathing and breathing persons should be immediately available at the dive site with person(s) currently trained in its use.
  7. Each diver should carry an emergency gas supply (commonly known as a bailout bottle) on their person, to be used in the event of a diver suspecting CO poisoning, or in case of other failures of the air supply. This gas supply will be of sufficient capacity to enable a diver to safely return to the surface. The bailout bottle is filled with air from a high pressure compressor.
  8. Each diver should also be equipped with a weight system that has a quick release mechanism. A quick release system is a readily operated mechanism that allows the immediate release of the weight system from the secured position by the single operation of one hand. It is designed to minimise the risk of accidental release such that sufficient weight can be released to make the diver positively buoyant. Should a diver become disorientated, or in the event of other diving incidents, the quick release mechanism can be readily released.
  9. Where the diver’s air hose is also the diver’s lifeline, the air hose must be attached to the diver in such a way that allows the weight system to be discarded independently of the air hose attachment. The minimum breaking strain of any potentially load bearing sections, including the attachment to the diver, surface attachment points, the air hose and any fittings, shall be at least 6kN

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