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Carbon Speargun Barrel

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  • 100% high quality carbon speargun barrel
  • Integrated shaft rail
  • Extremely stiff & light
  • Better acuracy
  • A great upgrade from aluminium



Our high quality Carbon Speargun Barrel is ideal for building a custom speargun or upgrading your current from aluminium.

Carbon fibre allows us to stiffen the barrel without impacting the buoyancy.  As a result, the increased stiffness helps increase accuracy in high-powered setups and makes for an extremely durable barrel that will not corrode over time like an aluminium speargun barrel.

The barrel has an integrated shaft rail that adds rigidity and accuracy, consequently eliminating barrel flex. Less barrel flex means less vibration when shooting, which greatly increases the accuracy of your speargun.

Lastly the barrel comes complete with 2 internal plugs to avoid a water filled speargun. The shape and dimensions of this Carbon Barrel will fit most brands of speargun building components. Handles and muzzles with a larger outer diameter can easily be reduced with some coarse sandpaper, as well as smaller handles and muzzles can easily packed with a nylon sleeve for a tight fit.




  • High-grade carbon fibre
  • Wall thickness – 2.8mm
  • Barrel inner diameter – 26mm



  • Integrated shaft rail
  • High strength
  • Light weight
  • Better accuracy
  • Internal plugs
  • Suits most speargun building components
  • Available in 4 lengths – 900, 1000, 1100, 1200 (mm)

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1000, 1100, 900


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