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Complete Independent Bailout System (No Tank)

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Complete Independent Bail-out System

This system is an independent system so the diver will carry a second demand valve attached to the tank.  If you need to bail out, you drop your hookah reg and reach for the reg on your tank ensuring you turn the tank on!


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Complete Independent Bailout System (No Tank)

The Diversworld Complete Independent Bailout System is configured so that the diver carries a second demand valve attached to a small tank.  This means that if you are in a situation where you need to bail-out, you drop your hookah reg and reach for the regulator on the tank.  Following this, you turn the tank on.

You carry this system while you are diving, fitted around a dive cylinder of your choice.  Usually, it is mounted on the back of the harness in the same position as you would use with recreational scuba gear.  As a rule, the size of the cylinder you choose will depend on your operational variables.  Should you encounter an emergency situation, then there should be sufficient gas in your cylinder for you to reach a place of safety. Generally, for surface oriented dives, this may require enough gas for a decompression time. The bailout sets usually start with cylinders of about 7 litres capacity although they can be larger.

These units are a convenient emergency air source.  Additionally, they are a lightweight and compact, backup air source that is completely independent of your primary breathing system. This is a tremendous advantage because, regardless of what problem might strike your primary system, these systems are unaffected-and ready to provide you with enough breaths to reach the surface in a calm, controlled ascent.

The Independent System includes:

  • Soft backpack
  • Stainless Steel buckle
  • Ocean Pro Unbalanced piston 1st and 2nd stage.
  • Pony bottle button gauge
  • 90cm rubber whip hose

Tank not included – consequently it is up to you to choose your tank size.


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