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Complete Inline Bailout System

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Diversworld Complete Inline Bailout System

The Diversworld complete inline bailout system allows the diver to have just one demand valve (the hookah regulator).  Accordingly, if you need to ‘bail-out’ for some reason, you just leave the regulator in your mouth and simply open the valve on the tank.   Subsequently, you can easily disconnect from the hookah hose and make your way to the surface.

This system contains:

  • Soft backpack
  • Stainless steel buckle
  • Brass, chrome plated check valve
  • Boss 1st stage balanced diaphragm tuned to 110 psi line pressure
  • Hk10 Hookah Regulator (2nd stage) tuned to 110psi line pressure (or tuned to suit the line pressure of your system)
  • 90cm Rubber or braided hose (your preference)
  • Pony bottle button gauge
  • Male Tema fitting
  • Din conversion kit fitted to 1st stage


(Please specify hookah line pressure when purchasing your Diversworld complete inline bailout system. So we can make sure that the regulators are correctly adjusted)


More information on the inline bailout system:

For commercial diving using surface supplied breathing gas, the Complete Inline Bailout System is in many cases required by health and safety legislation.  Additionally, approved codes of practice include these as an obligatory component of a hookah diving system.

In this application the intention is that the bailout cylinder should hold sufficient breathing gas for you, the diver, to be able to reach a place of safety.   This would be wherever there is more breathing gas available such as the surface or, similarly, a diving bell

To summarise, if you aren’t currently using one, there are well-versed advantages of these amazing self-rescue systems. So let’s take a moment to review the following highlights because you might then realise just how much you’ve been missing out on, safety-wise.

These units are convenient emergency air sources.  Additionally, they are a lightweight and compact, backup air source that is completely independent of your primary breathing system. This is a tremendous advantage because, regardless of what problem might strike your primary system, these ones are unaffected-and ready to provide you with enough breath to reach the surface in a calm, controlled ascent.



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