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Dive Tank Air Re-Fills

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Diversworld can fill your tanks with air, usually within minutes, provided the tanks have a current hydro test stamp.



Dive Tank Air Re-Fills

Drop into our store to have your Dive Tank Air Re-Filled. Steel or Aluminium tanks of any size can fill up to 300bar.

Our compressor is very well maintained. We test the the air quality and have it certified regularly. Our certified technicians will fill on the spot when possible.  Although we do prefer to have the tanks left and picked up later. As this allows for a better, cooler and slower air fill.

We deliver clean hyper-filtered air to 300 bar. Higher pressure fills are available. We can complete these types of fills straight away, but during the busy period please allow at least 45 minutes.

Book your refill now, then contact us before coming to our shop on 1/90 Aumuller Street to minimise your wait time.

NOTE: We may ask you to produce the relevant diving certification card to obtain Compressed Air, Nitrox, Trimix and Oxygen fills.

Cylinder must be within test date.  Last stamped Date of testing and tank fill pressure should be clearly visible.

Book your hydrostatic test with us now.


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