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DiversWorld Rubber Weight Belt

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DiversWorld Rubber Weight Belt stops your weights from slipping when you dive down deep, has stainless eyelets at regular intervals



DiversWorld Rubber Weight Belt is made of a high stretch rubber to keep your weights comfortably in position.  This is great for either when coming up or going down. The high elastic properties of the belt will contract and compress with your body and wetsuit during your descent.   Then stretch as your body and wetsuit expand during ascent keeping your weight belt properly sitting around your hips.

The Marseillaise stainless steel buckle has a tilting check pin that fits into the eyelets situated at regular intervals along the belt. The belt has a secure grip and quick emergency release. The easy release Marseillaise buckle is made of heavy duty corrosion resistant stainless steel.   The buckle is moulded on to the rubber belt for extra strength and durability.


Features of the DiversWorld Rubber Weight Belt:

  • Rust proof stainless steel buckle for years of reliable use
  • Classically reliable Marseille release mechanism
  • Durable rubber construction for long life
  • Stops your weights from slipping when you dive down deep
  • Flexible rubber adjusts to wetsuit compression at depth, ensuring that the buckle does not slip around the body for improved safety
  • Roller buckle, while always releasing on demand, will not accidentally open when dragged past rocks or the gunnel of a boat

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