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Rob Allen Marseillaise Weight Belt

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Rob Allen Marseillaise Weight Belt made from flexible rubber in order to adjust to the compression of the divers suit at depth.


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Rob Allen Marseillaise Weight Belt

The Marseillaise style belt is the safest of all freediving belts. Flexible rubber adjusts to the compression of the divers suit at depth.  This makes sure that the buckle does not slip around the body.  The Rob Allen Marseillaise Weight Belt has small diameter holes and the pin flicking 90 degrees to the belt.  Which dose minimize the chance of the buckle re-engaging on release.

Info about weight belts

Divers wear weighting systems, weight belts or weights, generally made of lead. This will counteract the buoyancy of other diving equipment, such as diving suits and aluminium diving cylinders.

The Scuba diver must wear enough weight so that he or she is negatively buoyant by default. The diver will then adjust the amount of air in his or her BCD in order to achieve neutral or positive buoyancy as needed. The weights can be distributed to trim the diver to suit the purpose of the dive. Surface-supplied divers are often weighted even heavier. They may be unable to achieve neutral buoyancy.

Free divers may also use weights to counteract buoyancy of a wetsuit. However, they are more likely to weight for neutral buoyancy at a specific depth. Their weighting must take into account not only the compression of the suit with depth, but also the compression of the air in their lungs, and the consequent loss of buoyancy.

Weight belts are the most common weighting system currently in use for recreational diving.   Weight belts are often made of tough nylon webbing, but other materials such as rubber can be used. Weight belts for scuba and breath-hold diving generally have a quick release buckle. This will allow the dumping of weight rapidly in an emergency.

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