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Activated Carbon Filter Element to suit Domnick Hunter

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Activated Carbon Filter Element to suit Domnick Hunter, this element replaces Domnick Hunter filter element part 010AC. Filtration Grade – Activated Carbon


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Activated Carbon Filter Element to suit Domnick Hunter for use in hookah and air compressor units. Alternative replacement element cartridge to suit Domnick Hunter Filter housing AC010****.

This element can replace Domnick Hunter filter element part 010AC. Filtration Grade – Activated Carbon

Some information on good Filter practices

A filter is essential to clean the compressor’s air output to make it fit for use as a breathing gas.

Oil to lubricate the compressor’s internal parts can be harmful if it contaminates the breathing gas. This is because the body cannot absorb and metabolise petroleum-based oils.  This will coat the internal surfaces of the lungs, causing a condition known as lipoid pneumonia.  This may lead to asphyxiation and death. Therefore, proper design and maintenance of compressors are most important.

Regular maintenance ensures that oil contamination of the breathing gas is within safe limits. Oils used should be approved by the compressor manufacturer.   which have been rated as safe for breathing air compressors. Several lubricant manufacturers supply a range of mineral-based and synthetic oils for this application.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a gas which is present in exhaust gas of internal combustion engines, including those of compressors. It also comes from the breakdown of lubricating oil when compressors run too hot. CO is odourless, colourless, and tasteless.

CO is deadly even in small quantities. It readily binds with the haemoglobin in red blood cells, thus destroying the blood’s ability to carry oxygen. Therefore, not only the design but also the careful placement of breathing air compressors is important. It is crucial that the compressor’s intake is located in fresh air well away and upstream from any engine exhaust.

Periodically, the air produced by a compressor must be tested to ensure it meets air purity standards. Frequency of testing, contaminants that must be analysed, and the allowable limits vary between applications and jurisdictions.

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