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Garmin Descent Charging/Data Clip

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The Garmin Descent Charging/Data Clip is a replacement USB cable to charge your Descent. Also used to download dives to your computer.

Connect your Garmin Descent to the charging/data clip and use the attached USB interface to plug into your computer or connect it to a power adapter to recharge the battery.

The Charging/Data Clip can also be used to transfer data between your watch and computer.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is my Garmin not charging?

Ensure charging clip or cradle is making a good connection. Thoroughly clean the contacts on the watch and charging accessory.  In some cases, one of the copper charging contacts on the back of the watch or charging accessory may have become oxidized.


How do you know if your Garmin is charging?

The battery icon will be displayed in the top right corner of the screen. If there is no battery icon, or if the battery icon contains a lightning bolt symbol, that means the device is receiving a charge.


Which Garmin Computers is the Garmin Descent Charging/Data Clip compatible with?





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