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Hollis 200LX DCX Regulator

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Hollis’ newest flagship regulator is the Hollis 200LX DCX Regulator. High performance and superior manufacturing go into the design of every feature so you can count on them working.


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Hollis 200LX DCX Regulator

The Hollis 200LX DCX Regulator is your high performance regulator for what ever type of diving you choose.  This is Hollis’ flagship regulator designed for you as a technical diver, or as a recreational diver who wants the best.  Also, every detail of this new product has been designed with Hollis’ 40 years of experience in manufacturing life support systems.

DCX 1st Stage

The DCX 1st stage is a 5-port swivel turret 1st stage which is environmentally sealed. It has the same PVD coating as the metal parts on the 200LX for increased durability. The 5-port design and swivel turret also make the DCX perfect for any configuration you choose: diving single cylinders, twin-sets and side-mounted stages. You have much more control over where your hoses route out of the first stage.

The 200LX 2nd Stage

You can convert the 200LX from a right-handed to left-handed hose setup in a manner of minutes. This can be done easily without the use of special tools or calibration.

In addition, the valve and every other metal component of your 200LX is “PVD” plated marine brass.  Due to this feature, your 200LX will outperform and outlast any traditionally finished regulator. ‘PVD’ or Physical Vapor Deposition is a time tested technology that other industries use as well.

It means that when your regulator is manufactured, thin layers of material are gradually deposited onto its surface.  This layering offers you a regulator of greater strength and durability. You will also find that it gives you smooth and easy breathing.



  • You can adjust your airflow coming into the 2nd stage with your diver adjustable knob whenever it suits you.  You just make it easier or stiffer to open the valve, depending on how light you like your regulator.
  • It has an adjustable Dive/Pre-Dive switch.  The large Venturi lever has a soft rubber grip, which makes it really easy to locate and use. This prevents you from having to deal with free-flows on the surface by changing the flow direction inside the body.
  • The large front cover has a honeycomb mesh for easy functioning. Underneath the mesh is a protective shell that covers the diaphragm so strong current won’t open the valve.
  • Your Hollis is fitted with an ergonomic exhaust that channels bubbles away from your field of vision.
  • All LX regulators come standard with MiFlex® hoses and orthodontic mouthpieces with dual colour tabs to increase comfort.
  • DIN or Yoke 1st stage options are available.
  • All Hollis regulators have a Lifetime Warranty as long as the 2-year service interval (with annual visual inspection) conditions are observed, and Free Parts for Life.
  • The DCX 1st stage features two HP ports and 5 LP ports (situated in a swivel turret) for optimum hose routing. It is a fully environmentally sealed 1st stage that is ideal for diving in extreme conditions.
  • The Complete 1st stage and internal air delivery components of the 2nd stage are “PVD” industrial plated, so it will outperform and outlast traditional regulator finishes.

The 200LX/DCX  is your high performance regulator designed for use in all types of diving. Use it from basic recreational diving through to technical and side mount diving.

  • Pneumatically balanced PVD plated brass valve results in smooth, easy breathing
  • Reversible demand valve, can be converted from right-handed hose configuration to left-handed hose configuration
  • Diver adjustable inhalation knob, allows diver to customize inhalation effort
  • Adjustable Dive/Pre-Dive switch: Large Venturi lever has a soft rubber grip, which makes it easy to locate and use
  • Ergonomic exhaust channels bubbles away from field of view and reduces exhaust effort
  • Improved orthodontic mouthpiece with dual color tabs
  • PVD plated stainless steel metal ring, adjustable knob and Dive/Pre-Dive end cap
  • MiFlex® braided hose
  • Din or Yoke options available
  • Paired with the new DCX 1st stage
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Free Parts for Life
  • 2-Year Service Interval with Inspection




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DIN or Yoke

DIN, Yoke


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