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Hollis Aluminium Backplate

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The Hollis Aluminium BackPlate is good – so good – you know it means business. Order yours online today and get building your own system!


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SKU: hl208.1290.000 Categories: , Tags: , ,


The Hollis Aluminium Backplate is good – so good – you know it means business.

It is carefully designed to fit closer to the cylinders preventing annoying gaps. This ensures a tighter profile, resulting in less drag overall.

The backplate’s outside edges are radius shaped to fit Hollis wings perfectly while preventing chafing of the BC.

All slots are also radius shaped for longevity of webbing, avoiding abrasion.

Slots, holes and edges are deburred – no sharp edges which could cut you or your harness system.


Features of the Hollis Aluminium Backplate

  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Manufactured from 5052 marine grade Hard black Anodised Aluminum
  • Weight: 907.2 grams / 2 lbs
  • Light weight – ideal for traveling
  • Recognised worldwide for solid construction and reliable dependability





Aluminium vs. Stainless Backplate

Aluminium plates are great for dives where you do not need a lot more weight than your gear already provides. For instance, a single tank dive in warm water or steel doubles in fresh water.

Steel plates are great for dives where you want to take some weight off your belt, such as on drysuit dives with a single or double tanke where the extra weight is useful on your back. A bonus of the aluminum plate is also that the Alu plate is also more convenient for travel.

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