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Mares Volo Race Fins

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The Mares Volo Race full foot fins is commonly used for SCUBA, snorkeling, recreation, travel and more




Mares Volo Race Fins

  • OPB (Optimized Pivoting Blade) Fin Technology that ensures the blade at the optimal angle at all times providing increased efficiency and power
  • Channel Thrust Technology system for optimal water channeling
  • Maintaining optimal thrust throughout every phase of the fining stroke minimizes fatigue
  • Soft anatomical foot pocket, with ribbed insole for an improved fit and a dramatically more efficient fin stroke

The OPB allows the blade to maintain an optimal angle throughout the kicking cycle, whereas traditional fins achieve this only during a small portion of the cycle, OPB produces a constant thrust, which minimizes fatigue and produces fluid movement through the water. The Mares Volo Race Fins also allows you to use alternate kick strokes not possible with splits fins.

The Volo Race Fins Super-Channel is designed for the diver who wants the perfect blend of power and efficiency in one fin. The new blade design with a large central Super-channel and two traditional lateral channels provide excellent thrust while maintaining hi-efficiency and minimizing leg fatigue. The blade is constructed of Tecralene and Thermoplastic rubber for extended durability

The Mares Volo Race Fins are a Full Foot Fin which are commonly used for SCUBA, Snorkeling, and recreational use. Because of the fin design travelling with a pair has never been more easier. The Mares Volo Race Fins are very popular among their users, not only are they Efficient, Comfortable and Lightweight but reliable ass well.



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