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MVD Roller Head Compact

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for Rabitech


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 MVD Roller Head Compact

Maximise the power of your railgun by converting it to an roller speargun. This MVD Roller Head Compact kit can add about 40cm of power to your railgun.  Here is a great example, if you shoot a 70cm traditional railgun…after this conversion, your speargun will have the power of a traditional 110cm speargun. At the same time, the pulley system will decrease recoil to almost zero!

MVD Roller Head Compact Features:

  • Design and implementation using state of the art technology CAD/CAM CNC code.
  • High precision engineered to strict specifications
  • Metal parts made of inox steel type 316L marine
  • High endurance, low friction Industrial  Acetal body
  • Fits rubber dia 12-16 mm
  • Real time tested
 This MVD Roller Head Compact, built to reduce frontal drag plus improve manoeuvrability. For powerbands up to 16mm in diameter.  With solid stainless steel side plates this muzzle is ideal for smaller spearguns.  When used in and around the wash or dirty water.  Improves manoeuvrability and still offers plenty of power when using a 16mm rubber for anything you encounter.

MVD is a specialised design and machining business based in Greece. They use state of the art CNC and laser cutting machinery.  To build some of the most advanced aftermarket parts for spearguns from around the world.

Using the best materials for the job from marine grade stainless steel and titanium, through to carbon fibre and delrin. Each part is 3D CAD/CAM designed before being perfectly made and tested.

MVD is best known for their extensive range of Roller muzzles for the worlds leading gun manufacturers. They have also shown great advances into free spooling reels, inverted roller kits and reverse trigger mechs for Rob Allen guns.

Lastly, their range will guarantee the best possible perforce for your railgun.

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Rob Allen, Aimrite, Rabitech, Cressi


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