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Ocean Hunter Aluminium Hand Spear

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Length: 150cm


: $29.00


Ocean Hunter Aluminium Hand Spear

The Ocean Hunter Aluminium Hand Spear is the ideal lightweight and compact choice for entry level spearfishing.  If you are just starting out, then start with this!

This spear will help give you the feel for what it is like to hunt fish if your’re not yet ready to invest in a gun or want to travel very lightly. It comes in a poly bag that can be reused. The cluster head it comes with is a 5 barb cluster and screws on and off with ease. Therefore it can be replaced if lost of bent. The length of a hand spear will determine the range you will get when using it. The longer the hand spear, the further the distance you can achieve. Aluminium is relatively sturdy for its weight this spear is good for travelling lightly.

The pole spear has a heavy-duty sling or band attached at the end for launching, and interchangeable tips (also called spear tips or spear heads) that you can switch out depending on the environment you’er hunting in or the type of fish you want to catch.

These also make great supplementary weapons for more experienced hunters. Freediving spearos who prefer to use spearguns often bring either a Hawaiian sling or pole spear as a backup weapon. They will sometimes attach these to their spear float so that if something happens to their gun, they can simply retrieve the sling or pole spear and continue hunting.



  • No rust aluminium construction
  • Replaceable 5 barb Cluster head
  • Packaged in poly bag and header
  • 1 piece 1500 (150cm)





Note: Due to these spears being over 1m in length (with packaging), the total shipping rate will be $49 Australia wide.

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