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Ocean Hunter Assassin Knife

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Ocean Hunter Assassin Knife is the ideal spearos knife it has a Sharp cutting edge and serrated edge ideal for burley



5 in stock



Ocean Hunter Assassin Knife

The Ocean Hunter Assassin Knife is the ideal spearos knife. This Knife can be easily mounted onto the spearos arm, leg or belt for quick and easy access when dispatching your fish in a timely manner. Key features include an extremely sharp 9cm dagger style blade which has been designed for deep penetration through bone and flesh.

The Ocean Hunter Assassin Knife is manufactured in marine grade stainless steel for long life and has a twin locking mechanism on the sheath which allows for easy extraction with only one hand. This clever locking mechanism ensures that the knife can’t accidentally displace its sheath and be lost.

The knife design is similar to many other styled spearo knives available on the market, proving its practicality, however the price point of this knife leaves all its competitors dead in the water.

The Ocean Hunter Assassin Knife also includes a 35mm serrated section on the back of the blade which makes it ideal for use when laying out your next burley trail.

Ocean Hunter Assassin Knife Features:

  • Material: 420 Grade stainless steel
  • Sheath: Safe twin release locking mechanism ensures no accidental loses
  • Sheath has been designed for quick and easy extraction with only one hand
  • Blade style: Dagger style for easy penetration through flesh and bone
  • Blade length: 9cm
  • 35mm Serrated section on back of blade is ideal for burley use
  • Includes: 2 x Rubber straps and sheath
  • Comfortable, “positive” feel in the hand
  • Sharp cutting edge and serrated edge
  • Can be mounted to the divers leg, arm, weight belt or BC


9cm blade dagger style blade

Safe-lock sheath allowing for easy extraction with only one hand

35mm serration edge ideal for burley

This complete package includes both rubber straps and the safe-lock sheath

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Ocean Hunter


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