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Ocean Hunter Heavy Duty Catch Bag

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Ocean Hunter Heavy Duty Catch Bag

Ocean Hunter developed a catch bag in conjunction with Australia’s most addicted crayfish and abalone divers, knowing divers around Australia take their crayfish, abalone and scallop diving seriously! To ensure your catch gets home securely and safely EVERY time, the Ocean Hunter Heavy Duty Catch Bag was born.

This Catch Bag is designed for easy one handed operation, leaving your other hand free to handle your catch. Its durable full length zip makes emptying your catch bag more efficient. The effective spring mechanism eliminates the chance of those massive Southern Rock Lobsters escaping. Once in, they are staying in until you get back to the shore or boat.

The composite bonded HS mesh base with oversize zipper opening ensures your catch stays safe while reducing drag. The BIG bottom zipper makes life easy when emptying the bag on the beach.

A fail-safe HD PVC upper protects against abrasion of rocks, coral and lobster spines which can destroy your average catch bag in a matter of weeks.

This bag has been built extra strong to carry large amounts of catch, such as fish or crayfish, and is XOS size, so no matter where you are, you’ll fit the biggest crayfish or abalone bag limit no problems.

Excellent for all your catches and also for running ocean clean-ups on your local reefs with the secure closure and heavy-duty materials, this bag handles A LOT of ocean rubbish, dive after dive.

The bag can also be folded and clipped to shorten it, for when you don’t need as much space or for storage purposes.

If you wanted the biggest, toughest and baddest catch bag on the market, then you’ve found it.



  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel frame and spring mechanism
  • Composite bonded HS mesh base with oversize zipper opening
  • Fail-safe HD PVC upper
  • Secure top-opening
  • Big bottom zipper
  • Velcro pocket
  • D-ring for secure attachment
  • Dimensions 65cm x 78cm
  • Weight 1.28 kg





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