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Ocean Hunter 16mm Microbore Rubber Red

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The material density and stretch ratio of the Ocean Hunter Microbore rubber red maximise the power output of your speargun. Get more bang for your buck!


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The Ocean Hunter 16mm Microbore Rubber Red is designed to get the maximum power output of your speargun.  A microbore has a much smaller internal volume, and will thus reduce hydraulic breaking of the band during contraction after firing.

The rubber is designed to maximise the amount of material in the band so you get the maximum effect from a smaller rubber.  Both the material density and the stretch ratio maximise the power output of your speargun.  Additionally, the smaller diameter, compared to other bands, helps to reduce drag.

With the success of Ocean Hunter 14.5mm micro bore setting a standard for response and performance for a small diameter band, Ocean Hunter have now released the 16mm version.

The same high quality laminated rubber with a micro bore Centre. The 16mm is identified by the red outer with Silver OH logo.

The benefits of microbore:

  •  the microbore Centre reduces hydraulic braking
  •  the smaller outer diameter offers reduces drag and recoil
  •  excellent on roller guns

You can see a master class on making your own rubbers here.


  • 16mm laminated rubber
  • Micro bore core
  • High energy storage
  • Red outer

Ocean Hunter Microbore Rubber Red Specifications:

  • Diameter: 16mm
  • Colour: Red
  • Price per meter

Rubber Lengths

Gun Length            Band Length 16mm

90cm                            45cm

100cm                          50cm

110cm                          55cm

120cm                          60cm

130cm                          65cm

140cm                          70cm

150cm                          75cm

160cm                          80cm

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