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Ocean Hunter Phantom Youth Set

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Ideal mask & snorkel set for those with a smaller face and junior spearos


: $89.00


The Ocean Hunter Phantom Youth is the ideal mask & snorkel set for those with a smaller face and junior spearos.

Made from super-soft hypo-allergenic black silicone with the skirt moulded directly onto the mask frame, low volume and max comfort is a part of the package.

The snorkel includes a soft silicone mouthpiece for extreme comfort. It also features a clearing valve so you can easily expel water that may have entered the snorkel. In addition, the snorkel comes a wave deflector. There is less chance of water getting into the snorkel because it essentially caps the top of the snorkel and directs water away from the opening.



Mask Features:

  • Super soft silicone skirt for a great seal and a comfortable fit
  • Low internal volume for high visibility, easy equalising and clearing
  • Soft mount, easy adjustable buckles


Snorkel Features:

  • Wide boar J snorkel with optimal mouthpiece angle
  • Soft silicone mouthpiece to keep your jaw comfy during longer dives
  • Semi-flex barrel to reduce resistance when descending/ascending
  • Purge valve for easy expulsion of water
  • Wave deflector to keep your breathing uninterrupted through choppy conditions





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