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Oceanpro D Ring

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Oceanpro D Ring

Every Oceanpro D Ring is made from heavy duty 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel ensuring longevity and large weight bearing capabilities. They are perfect for attaching your diving accessories and creating a secure attachment point on soft webbing. The D-Rings are designed for a long, rough life in salt water use and are commonly used in harness and wing assembly, for adding additional accessory attachment points.



  • Manufactured from 316 marine grade stainless steel
  • Used on multiple applications
  • Stainless steel D-ring make reliable attachment points for your dive kit
  • Secure torches, reels, cameras, etc.


Available options | GTINs:

 50mm (2″) D-Ring | 9330181027710
  • Moves freely when locked in place with a belt slide.
 50mm (2″) D-Ring Bent | 9330181027727
  • Pre Bent design for easier attachments
Fixed 50mm (2″)  D-Ring Welded 90 deg
  • Integrated belt slide fixes the D-ring erect in position.
Fixed 50mm (2″) Extended D-Ring Welded 90 deg
  • Integrated belt side fixed an extended d-ring in the erect position for large accessory and stage bottle attachment.


Fun Fact:

Chefs have repurposed the Fixed D Ring for sous vide cooking. These stainless steel pieces provide just enough weight to hold down sous vide vacuum pouches, especially if you have more than one of these weights and if you are using them to keep a stainless steel screen submerged. You simply attach clips to it and then to the bag to further weigh down the items in the bag. Other weights oxidize quickly in the sous vide hot water bath, but this stainless steel is rust resistant (Marine Grade after all).

They will also work as paperweights and work as a conversation piece in the office, especially if you dive.

Additional information


 50mm (2″) D-Ring,  50mm (2″) D-Ring Bent, Fixed 50mm (2″)  D-Ring Welded 90 deg, Fixed 50mm (2″) Extended D-Ring Welded 90 deg


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