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Oceanpro Eclipse Snorkel Sea Mist

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  • Great for beginner and advanced snorkelers or divers
  • Great value for money
  • Looks sharp in the water

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Oceanpro Eclipse Snorkel Sea Mist

The Oceanpro Eclipse Snorkel in Sea Mist is excellent for both beginner and advanced snorkelers or divers. It is great value for money, looks sharp in the water and is available in several colours to suit your personal style.

This snorkel is made with 100% silicone mouthpiece, which is super comfortable in your mouth and it has a contoured design.

Designed with a self-venting purge valve, helps to clear the snorkel of any water that may enter during swimming activity. This also facilitates clearing it with the smallest blow of air. This is a one way valve so no water will ever enter in from this valve, it will only drain.

At the top of the snorkel is a semi-dry wash over top. This prevents any splashing water or waves from entering the snorkel. When you duck dive, the snorkel will fill with water however when you blow out, it will empty via the purge valve.

The included snorkel keeper slides up and down to give you the best possible fit when connected to your mask.


Oceanpro Eclipse Snorkel Features:

  • Drop away flex silicone snorkel
  • Replaceable 100% liquid silicone mouthpiece
  • Purge valve for easy clearing
  • Colour: Sea Mist / Transparent





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Black, Blue, Orange, Sea Mist, Teal, Yellow


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