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Oceanpro Necklace

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  • Keep your octopus close by
  • Always ready for quick deployment


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The Oceanpro Necklace is designed to ensure that you never lose your alternate air source again. This handy piece of kit ensures that your redundant regulator is always within easy reach and never far away when you need it most. By using a Necklace divers will benefit from keeping their alternate air source as close to the mouth as possible for instant availability when needed.

The use of a regulator Necklace is highly favoured by technical divers for its convenience and simplicity. The Oceanpro Necklace is 100% liquid silicone, which unlike rubber styles, doesn’t deteriorate and fall apart over time. Thus ensuring that its always ready when you’ll need it most.

A dive necklace is comfortable, easy to access and use. It therefore is simply the best place for an octopus. When a dive buddy is in an OOA situation, you simply donate your primary and use the octopus.



  • Moulded from soft and durable silicone.
  • High-flex necklace fits under the mouthpiece clip of all regulator second stages.
  • A must-have accessory for all tech divers.
  • An economical and highly effective octopus security solution for recreational divers of all skill levels.
  • great way to keep your occy hose close by and always ready.
  • GTIN 9330181007811


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