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Ocean Pro Stainless Steel Buckle

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Stronger, more solidly constructed from marine grade stainless steel and reliable




The Ocean Pro Stainless Steel Buckle is for diving weight belts. This buckle will fit all webbing and ingot weight belts up to 2mm.

In all of our years, we are yet to see a stainless steel weight belt buckle fail. So if you want safety and security, you can trust the Ocean Pro Stainless Steel Buckle. These buckles have been manufactured from marine grade stainless steel. Unlike plastic buckles, stainless steel buckles are stronger, more solidly constructed and are reliable. You can therefore be confident that they will last for a long time.

Latch Style Designed for a Quick Release if needed


Threading a 3-Slot Quick-Release Belt Buckle

Threading a Quick-Release Belt BuckleStarting from the front of the metal buckle, thread the left waist strap through the larger end slot of the buckle. Position the buckle approximately 45 cm (18 inches) of webbing length from the plate left waist slot. Then thread the webbing from the back through the centre slot and through the front of the innermost slot. Then thread the webbing through the back of the larger end slot so there are two thicknesses of webbing through one slot and pull the weave tight.

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