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OceanHunter SPIRIT Blue Fins

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The OceanHunter SPIRIT Blue Fins offer great comfort for lighter spearos and ladies. Soft polycarbonate blades and fitting smaller feet.  These blades are extremely durable and totally reactive.


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OceanHunter SPIRIT Blue Fins

The OceanHunter SPIRIT Blue Fins inspired and offer the most versatile range in the world today. The Spirit Blades come in a couple of different colours.  Each representing a different stiffness (rigidity) of blades. This set is blue which indicates softer material.  Which is great for anyone with a lighter kick. While many fins only start from larger sizes, the Spirit’s smallest size is EU 35-36, equal to an Australian Ladies‘ 4.

The Ocean Hunter Spirit Fins are European designed long bladed fins, made specifically for spearfishing and freediving. They incorporate comfortable thermo synthetic rubber foot pockets for ease of use and an angled Tri material blade for maximum thrust and acceleration.

Blue indicates soft blades

These blades are extremely durable and totally reactive.

The unique ribbed blades angle at 20 degrees from the foot pocket for maximum performance.

The innovative foot pockets are made of thermo synthetic rubber with two different grades of hardness to combine the best in comfort and performance.

At Diversworld, we choose to stock the soft and flex variety, as stiffer fins usually only result in muscle cramps and earlier exhaustion of the diver.


Available sizes:

  • XXS – EU 35-36/US 2-3
  • XS – EU 37-38/US 4-5
  • S – EU 39-40/US 6-7

*all US sizing is in men’s. For women’s, choose two sizes less than your normal shoe size.


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