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Oceanic Alpha 10 CDX Regulator

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Oceanic Alpha 10 CDX Regulator

Oceanic Alpha 10 CDX Regulator is simple, dependable, lightweight and economical. What else would you expect from a design as refined and perfected as this? You will find that the CDX offers you effortless breathing in a compact design.  Additionally, it is extremely tough and is also easy for you to maintain and service.  The CDX brings an ‘all-new’ level of performance to the original entry-level workhorse Alpha 10.


Extra Advantages

The Alpha 10 CDX  is made of triple chromed marine-grade brass for maximum durability and a long life. Your first stage has 4 LP ports and 2 HP ports with 3/8″ and 7/16″ threads. The LP ports are angled for optimum hose routing to suit you. The regulator can also be used with Air, or Nitrox mixtures up to 40 percent, right out of the box!

The balanced demand valve feature of this regulator will perform flawlessly whether you have high or low cylinder pressure, automatically. You will enjoy the extra confidence of knowing that Oceanic’s easy adjustment technology prevents you from experiencing any unwanted free flow.  This works to help you out when you are surface swimming from the shore, jumping off the back of a boat or, diving into a current.  Also, a super comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece significantly reduces your jaw fatigue. The low profile, light weight second stage has a 6.75cm diameter. Lastly, it is equipped with a highly durable and flexible 76.2cm Miflex braided low pressure hose with a 3/8″ threaded fitting.  Again, this further increases your diving comfort.

Includes the Regulator first and second stage as well as an owner’s manual.



    • A pneumatically balanced demand Valve
    • An orthodontic mouthpiece with bite tabs.
    • Nitrox Compatibility Standard to 40%
    • CDX & (1ST STAGE) Available in DIN & Yoke
    • Angled Ports For ideal hose routing
    • Pressure Ports LP (4), HP (2)
    • Work of Breathing 1.23 Joules
    • Swivel Adapter Optional
    • Primary construction material is machined, triple chrome marine brass
    • Dimensions (Front Profile) 2.66 inch diameter (circular)
    • Required Service Interval is 2 Years to maintain warranty
    • Satisfaction Guarantee 30 days
    • Warranty (Lifetime)



*Service Interval 2 Year with 1 year visual inspection across all regulators 1st and 2nd stages to maintain your lifetime warranty.


DIN or Yoke? 

Yoke: 200-240 bar pressure rating and is more common in recreational scuba diving
DIN: 200-300 bar pressure rating and is more common in technical diving

Most of the 200 to 240 bar tank valves in Australia have a DIN regulator connection, but are convertible.  Consequently, this means a DIN/Yoke adaptor can be screwed in to connect the tank to a Yoke regulator as well.


Finally, make sure to register your Oceanic BCD, Regs and Computer online with Oceanic Australia for a limited lifetime warranty:

1. Visit
2. Enter you email address and follow the prompts. Done!


Additional information

DIN or Yoke

DIN, Yoke


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