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Oceanic Alpha 8 SP5

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The Oceanic Alpha 8 Regulator is the top-performing regulator in its class so the low price is a pleasant surprise.




Oceanic Alpha 8 SP5

The Oceanic Alpha 8 SP5 Regulator is the top-performing regulator in its class.  Also, it is one of the most affordably priced regulators you can buy.  If you believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice performance for price, then the Alpha 8 Sport is the regulator for you. Together with Oceanic’s  SP5 first stage it produces a low priced, no frills regulator system that offers you easy breathing. In addition, this regulator is so rugged and economical to maintain that it has become popular as a rental.


Alpha 8 Second stage

The Alpha 8 can be used with Air or Nitrox mixtures up to 40% right out-of-the-box.  Also, the Alpha 8’s super sturdy ABS/poly-carbonate housing weighs just 6 oz. (170 g) and it measures just over 2.9″ (7.37 cm) in diameter. Additionally, even the cover ring is feather light and is made of anodised aircraft aluminium. The lightweight and anatomically designed mouthpiece translates into a second stage that won’t cause you jaw fatigue. Finally, the Alpha 8 Second Stage has a dependable downstream demand valve design.


SP-5 First stage

The SP-5 first stage regulator offers you and all divers the opportunity to own a top performing regulator. In addition to being repeatedly rated as the best in its class, the SP-5 exceeds both Navy Class A and European CE standards. The SP-5 is a non-balanced flow-by piston designed regulator.  Also, you may be surprised to know that this simple, yet fail-safe design will deliver air even if there is a first stage failure!  That has to be comforting to any diver to know and should give you extra confidence to enjoy your diving.  Besides this, the SP-5 first stage is made of marine grade chromed brass for durability, has 4 LP ports and 1 HP port with 3/8″ and 7/16″ threads.  Lastly, the regulator weighs 26 oz. (737.1 g), comes with a 30″ (76.2 cm) 3/8″ threaded low pressure hose, and an owner’s manual.


Features & Specifications

  • Valve Type Demand
  • Integrated Purge Button
  • Mouthpiece Orthodontic
  • Nitrox Compatibility Standard to 40%
  • Weight (without hose) 170 gm
  • First Stage Configurations SP-5
  • Minimum Cracking Effort 1.1 CIW
  • Factory Set Inhalation Effort 1.2—1.4 CIW
  • Work of Breathing 1.47 Joules (SP-5)
  • Warranty (Lifetime)
  • Service Interval 2 Year, Required



Make sure to register your Oceanic BCD, Regs and Computer online with Oceanic Australia for a limited lifetime warranty:

1. Visit
2. Enter you email address and follow the prompts. Done!


Additional information

1st Stage Type

Yoke, DIN


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