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Oceanpro Avoca Fins White

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The Oceanpro Avoca Fins are a high-performance Open Heel fin using a channelled fin and comes standard with a Spring Heel strap.

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The Oceanpro Avoca Fins White are high-performance Open Heel SCUBA fins that use a channelled fin design.

The Channels increase the surface area of the fins and also give thrust direction improving the performance of the fins. The Avoca fins works equally well with the traditional Flutter (Scissor) or Frog style of kicking and come standard with a Spring Heel strap for ease of adjustment.


Features of the Oceanpro Avoca Fins White:

  • Performance Open Heel Fin
  • Built-in Channels improve thrust by increasing the fins surface area
  • Spring heel strap makes it easy to Don and Doff your fins
  • 3 Foot Pocket Sizes

Available Sizes:

  • Small
  • Regular
  • Extra Large

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