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Ocean Pro Nylon Weight Belt

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  • Tough nylon belt
  • Stainless steel lock and buckle




The Ocean Pro nylon weight belt has a stainless steel lock and buckle. The construction of the nylon is ultra tough.

This webbed weight belt has quick-release buckle made from stainless steel which is more popular due to it being strong. The webbing is also extremely strong and durable which is what you want when it comes to a weight belt, as there can be a lot of heavy weight on it.

Many divers have integrated BCD’s these days, however many divers still need the weight belts. Also these are perfect if you are snorkelling or spearfishing as you will also need weight to get below that buoyancy level.

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Some weight belt info:

Divers wear weight belts or weights to counteract the buoyancy of other diving equipment.   Wetsuits and aluminium diving cylinders, and buoyancy of the diver are all factors to consider. The scuba diver should be weighted enough to be slightly negatively buoyant.  The diver should maintain neutral buoyancy at safety or decompression stops. During the dive, the diver can adjust buoyancy by adjusting the volume of air in the BCD.

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